Helen – Young Learners Coordinator
 Australia and Turkey    7 year(s)
Helen has been an ESL language teacher since 2013. She came to Turkey in 2015, having started her teaching career in Australia. She gained vast experince teaching young learners and in 2017 was promoted to the Young Learners coordinator. Helen has been with BS since 2015.
Lubna – PTE OET GE specialist
 Turkey    4 year(s)
Prior to coming to Turkey 5 years ago, Lubna spent 8 years in America studying and teaching ESL. Since starting work with BS, she has taken a keen interest in teaching OET and PTE exams, helping many students achieve their ambition to live abroad. Lubna has been a full time teacher with BS for 4 years.
Charlotte – Full Time Teacher
 Turkey    3 year(s)
Charlotte, originally from England, decided to come back to Istanbul to teach English after falling in love with Turkey on a precious visit. She has been working at British Side since 2017 teaching both young learners and adult classes. Charlotte enjoys teaching online lessons.
Lisa – IELTS
 Turkey    4 year(s)
Lisa and IELTS go hand in hand. Her knowledge on IELTS is second to none with an and her dedication and commitment to teaching ensure her students get the best score possible when taking their test. Lisa has been teaching IELTS with British Side for 4 years.