7-9 Age Groups

British Side offers educational content of 3 different levels during one academic year (September- June) for our students who are between the age 7 and 9: YLbeg, YLA and YLB. Students will develop their vocabulary as well as the four main language skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking around different activities that they will enjoy and have fun with.

Our trainers who are experienced with these age groups will provide all kinds of extra support so that students can get maximum efficiency from the lessons and ensure active participation. Whether in an animated word game, a role-play exercise involving the student or in projects that enhance creativity. The needs and abilities of children will always be at the forefront of their language learning process. Each level prepares students towards the globally recognized Cambridge exams:

  • YLbeg – STARTERS

In addition to the educational content we have mentioned above, we also include activities to help your child prepare for the international Cambridge YL exams in the best way possible. The overall aim is to help students to learn English through interesting, fun, motivating activities while offering a tailored program that prepares young learners for the exam.