About the IB Preparatory Program

The International Baccalaureate (IB) Program is a comprehensive, pre-university two-year program for students aged 15-19. This program is aimed at increasing the social, emotional, physical skills and intellectual skills of the students in parallel with the success of the students in their university life and after and increasing the academic success of the students.

It is important for students who want to study IB at their schools to start working on this subject before starting their IB program to be successful in the exam which is required to participate in IB also to be able to use language and analytical thinking skills during the program. In addition to these benefits, this study will help you feel comfortable with their knowledge throughout their IB education.

One of the most important elements in IB preparation is to increase students’ self-research competencies, to teach time management, to read, understand, listen, speak and write English with an independent and critical approach.


British Side IB English Preparatory Program takes place during an academic year ( between September and May) and a total of 144 hours, with 2 hours of training per day, 2 days a week (4 hours in total) during the 9-month education period.

In IB English Preparatory Classes, our students receive education in classes with a maximum of 9 students according to their English language knowledge and competencies.

Start shaping your child’s future now and bringing a new dimension to thinking and learning so that they become citizens of the world.