One to One Lessons

British Side offers prive lessons where contents are specifically designed to meet the requirements and targets of the participants. One-to-one lessons are perfect for people who are in need of a highly intensive education which will be difficult to manage in group courses or will take a long time.

Why private lessons?

Private courses are designed and prepared based on the needs and targets of the participants. Participants can contribute to the course content and specific topics based on their own needs. Private courses are generally preferred by people who want to determine the course content, intensity, dates and times to fit their own needs and availability, independent from a group.

An initial assessment test needs to be taken before the private lessons. After this test a “needs analysis”  meeting is held with the course coordinator and the participant where a course programme and duration to meet the targets of the participant are agreed. Following this meeting, a private lesson programme is drawn and the lessons start.

► Appointments will be required for written and spoken placement tests.

► Lessons are taught by native English teachers.

► Free activity and work hours are available for our registered students.