CEPA (Communicative English Proficiency Assesment)

Based on the needs and expectations of the sector in many years, British Side has developed a specific test called CEPA, to be used during recruitment processes by companies in all sectors. The development process of CEPA involved a long and cooperative work by test teams from America, England and Turkey. It combines knowledge and skills for both General English and Business English and provides an assessment using the latest test techniques and question types.

CEPA assesses the English levels of the candidates by using interactive and real situational question types and structures. It does not assess what candidates cannot do but what they can with their existing English.

CEPA’s main aim is to assess the communication. All questions and assessment dynamics are prepared in accordance with CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) descriptions and criterias and therefore the test provides an assessment of the candidates’ language skills at an international level.

High level criterias, such as generation differences, technological innovations, learning teachniques were used during the development of CEPA test.  Special security precautions also make it possible for the candidates to take the test at home environment (Online Turkish Republic Identification Number check, screen camera picture and external sound, screen control). You do not need to send your candidates to a different location to take the English tests anymore.

CEPA test consists of three parts; Reading&Listening – Assessment of general Language knowledge through Reading and Listening questions,  Speaking– Speaking skills and Writing – assessment of written English level. All of the parts are prepared in accordance with the CEFR levels and latest assessment techniques.

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