OET Test Prep


British Side has courses available to meet the needs of test takers and help build their skills before taking the OET test.

OET Course Preparation dates Friday: 10/01/2020   07/02/2020    06/03/2020   20/03/2020

Class size – limited numbers (so book early!)
Times: Friday 12.00 pm – 16.00 pm   Intensive preparation course covers all skills in-depth (open to any OET applicant)
Cost:  4 hour intensive course is only 1,000 TL(Turkish Lira).
Please register by return email to attend the course. (register in advance for only 200 TL deposit – balance paid on the course day) [email protected]

Time – 12.00 pm to 16.00 pm 10th of January 2020  Venue –  Beşiktaş Branch


British Side is offering a 4 hour, live, interactive training workshop to help participants pass OET. This unique, face to face course is designed to give in-depth information and strategies to aid Medical professionals wanting to achieve a B score in the Occupational English Test. British Side is a qualified OET Preparation Provider with fully trained teachers who include videos, worksheets, audio, activities and speaking practice, all delivered in a personalised environment.

Let British Side help you achieve the best results possible!

Time – 12.00 pm to 16.00 pm      Venue – British Side Besiktas Branch



Understanding Writing in depth

  • purpose of the letter
  • preciseness of content
  • key information
  • identifying relevant medical issues
  • specific instructions
  • summarizing information
Speaking practice with real interlocutors

  • eliciting information from the patient
  • appropriate terminology
  • how to probe for medical information

  • range and accuracy of language
  • using appropriate structures
  • accurate punctuation and capitals
Listening Parts A, B & C

  • strategy of all listening parts
  • deciphering long presentations or interviews
  • listening comprehension for gist
  • understanding and interpreting detailed information
Reading Parts A, B & C

  • chunking and checking
  • reading for gist
  • graphical information
  • skimming, scanning
  • text types

  • synonym vocabulary
  • clinical and factual relevance
  • accurate spelling



British Side is offering a FREE one hour live ‘Tips for OET’ session for our candidates taking the OET test. The session is designed to give tips to candidates and help them understand what’s needed when sitting the OET test.

Free session will be from 10.00 am to 11.00 am       Venue – British Side Besiktas Branch

LISTENING TIPS – listening for comprehension

SPEAKING PRACTICE – better communication techniques

WRITING- how to understand and convey relevant information in a letter

READING SKILLS – what to look for in individual reading texts

This 1 hour free course is designed to give the applicant tips and help them understand what the assessors are looking for when taking the OET test.