Nine-week Course in Teaching Language Skills

Nine-week Course in Teaching Language Skills

Welcome to our Teaching Language Skills Course

Although many teachers claim to teach English in a ‘communicative way’, there is very often no clear consensus about what this means in practice!This course is designed to help teachers understand why a mastery of teaching skills is essential to helping learners to become effective language users.

By the end of the course, participants will have:

Why should you take this course

  • It will provide you with clear models, approaches and ideas about how to teach language skills both in isolation, and in coordination with other skills.
  • It will offer you the opportunity to reflect and apply this input to your own specific teaching context so as to become more effective in the classroom.
  • It will give you the confidence and background knowledge to vary the way you teach language skills, using both coursebook and authentic materials.
Courses are aimed at groups of between 10 and 12 participants who regularly work in the Secondary context.

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