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British Side, British Council'in kurs bölümünü kapatması sonrasında sektörde bir numara olmasında çok önemli rol oynamış yöneticileri ve eğitmenlerinden oluşan bir kadro tarafından kurulmuş olup ve 2006 yılında eğitimlerine başlamıştır. Sektörde lisan eğitiminde en kaliteli kurslardan biri olarak anılmamızda, yönetici ve eğitmenlerimizin bugüne kadarki kurumsal tecrübelerini British Side'a yansıtmal... Devamı

Beata Inaba

Thank you British Side for a truly wonderful CELTA experience! The course was amazing in all aspects. To start with; the location of British Side is ideal. Access to all types of public transportation is very easy. And since good nutrition is essential to stay alert during the quite demanding course, I was delighted to see that there are a number of restaurants with affordable quality-food on their menus just around the corner. British Side’s in-house restaurant, though, remains my favorite. I still miss your delicious and nutritious meals :)! Most importantly, though; the lessons were very well designed. Not only did we learn how to teach in a logical and cognizable manner (a lot of emphases is given to how to present information in a way that ensures that the brain retains it), but the teachers also often put us in the shoes of our future students. And that enabled us to relate to how they will benefit – or not – from different good and bad teaching styles. But of what use would a good lesson be without a good teacher 🙂 And of course, our dear teachers were world-class! They were highly competent and always went out of their way to support us whenever needed. Although the course was extremely dense, some days the 24 hours of a day were right on the verge of being too few to prepare for both teaching practice and written assignments, it was an amazing experience and I would gladly re-take the course any time. Although I have more than ten years of teaching experience, I recognize with a lot of gratitude that it is only now, with the skills that I acquired in this course, that I can finally start teaching.   

Brandon L.

I highly recommend the CELTA program at British Side. The teaching staff was very knowledgeable and encouraging. The course was an engaging lab-type cycle of lecture, teaching, observation/feedback, and written work. Fellow student-teachers provided essential criticism and camaraderie. The facilities, on-premise restaurant-cafe, and central location are additional benefits to the program. A memorable and worthwhile experience, I am glad I completed the CELTA course at British Side.   

Brandon L.

Bardia Kalantari

I did my CELTA at British Side in May 2020 and passed with a grade A. I chose this institute because of its outstanding reputation at conducting Cambridge University courses and exams. My original plan was to do this course on-site, as I had thought I would not benefit from doing CELTA online as much as I would by attending classes in person. When the lock-downs began, the course went online, and I was reluctant to continue doing it. Jenny Miller, the brilliant CELTA tutor at British Side, explained to me how I would benefit by doing this course online and could learn the subtleties of online teaching. She was right. I did the course online under the guidance of two marvelous tutors, Jenny Miller and Ahmad Zaytoun who have dedicated their lives to training teachers. Before attending this course, I had taught English professionally for five years, but I learned more in a month with Jenny and Ahmad than in all those years. They are ready to assist you with any challenges you are facing and any questions you have at all times. Since the day I received my certificate, my life as a teacher has found a new meaning.



Bardia Kalantari

Ross Ledford

I have recently completed my CELTA course at Britishside and would have no hesitation in recommending the school to anyone. In the space of a month I have equipped myself with lots of new teaching techniques, strategies, knowledge and ability. I feel ten times the teacher I was before the course and can’t wait to start building on my career now that I have these new tools in the box.

My course tutors were Jenny and Nick, they are excellent teachers who both improved and inspired me. Their support guidance, mentoring and tutoring was second to none. I can honestly say that doing this course has been one of the best things I have ever done. It has really changed me as a teacher and will be something which greatly affects my life and career for the better. I cannot thank my tutors enough,. Myself and everybody else who stepped into their classrooms improved hugely in both ability and confidence. I could never have believed how much I would and could learn as well as develop in one month.

Thank you again Jenny, Nick and Britishside.




Ross Ledford

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