In-house Closed Group Trainings

Do your employees have limited time? Do you prefer your employees to be trained in your own offices, without wasting time travelling and after work hours? Do you want to create a synergy and trigger the team spirit? Do you have company specific requirements?Do you want to prepare personal development programmes and invest in individuals and for that do you want to have need-oriented programmes? British Side expert trainers and consultants team are here to help you with these kind of corporate needs.

The first step for our in-house closed group trainings involves determination of the language levels of the participants’ through written and spoken tests. The participants are then grouped based on their needs and the test results. Training contents can follow a course pattern or be tailor-made for the needs. Our aim is always to teach as efficiently as possible at every minute of the training by focusing on the needs of the company and the participants. These trainings can either take place at British Side offices or be arranged at company offices.

Some programmes offered in our In-House Closed Group Trainings based on the needs are as follows:

  • General English,
  • Business English,
  • Speaking techniques,
  • Presentation techniques,
  • Business correspondence,
  • Report Writing in English,
  • Business negotiations,
  • English on the phone,
  • English for Human Resources,


An average module for our In-House Closed group Trainings is 54 hours. Detailed assessment of of the training is provided to your HR department, by submission of progress reports, attendance, mid-module and end-module reports for each participant. All participants are expected to attend minimum 70% of the lessons.

For more information and request for proposals please contact us by email at [email protected]  or phone us at 0212 327 27 01.