IELTS Test Prep

IELTS Test Prep

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IELTS Preparation Programme

In our IELTS Preparation courses you have the opportunity to practice the test in general and besides you can  benefit from the useful tips for each part of the test from our experienced trainers. These courses focus more on developing the knowledge and the skills needed for each part of the test rather than improving the level of general English.


Intensive IELTS Preparation Programme

You can attend our 24-intensive course for the IELTS Academic Module. The aim of this course is to provide detailed information about the IELTS test format, to show important tips for grammar and to do plenty of practice for each part of the test. Our courses run on Fridays, Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays over two weeks and finish before the IELTS Academic Test dates.

For information on how to prepare for different parts of the exam please click.

Main topics focused during the course:

How to write an essay? What to consider when planning and structuring an essay?
What language to use for describing graphs and visuals?

What to take into account when writing formal and informal letters?

Speaking practices and tips,

Speed-reading and comprehension techniques,

Listening practices.


IELTS Preparation Courses Levels

You need to be at least at intermediate-2 level to be able to register to the IELTS preparation courses. Our courses run at two levels, -which are:

IELTS Threshold Class:          For levels between Intermediate-2 and Upper-Intermediate 2

IELTS Vantage Class:             For levels over Lower-Advanced


Intensive IELTS Preparation Courses Levels

Candidates at Intermediate 2 and above levels can register to the Intensive IELTS Preparation courses.

Course materials

Extra course materials as well as the course books determined by the trainers will be used to ensure the opportunity for maximum practice for each topic. In addition, the lessons will be supported by in-class activities. Course books can be collected from Besiktas, Kalamis and Gokturk branches.


IELTS Preparation Course Durations and Dates:

Each course module is 9 weeks/54 teaching hours. Dates are as follows:

Saturday and Sunday 09:00 – 12:00 13:00 – 16:00 16:30 – 19:30


Intensive IELTS Preparation  Course Durations and Dates:

Below you can find the details of our intensive courses which run over 2 weeks and 24 teaching hours:

4 week-days 18:45-21:45


► Appointments will be required for written and spoken placement tests.

► Lessons are taught by native English teachers.

► Free activity and work hours are available for our registered students.