Live Online Lessons

Do you have employees living outside of Istanbul? Want to get one-to-one training but can’t make a plan because you travel a lot? Do you want to train your company employees as a closed group, but your place is not available or you prefer not to lose time on the road? Would you like to offer your employees in different cities the same rights and opportunities as those in Istanbul? As of 2017, British Side started offering Closed Group and One-to-One training sessions online, all within the framework of your needs.

Our Live Online lessons are carried out with a face-to-face trainer as in the classroom trainings, the only difference being that they take place through an online portal. The portal used in our trainings allows participants to develop their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, the same as in a classroom environment. The portal contains all in-class training tools such as interactive, shared resources, screen sharing, use of the whiteboard, watching videos and listening activities for participants. Online trainings are offered to you so that your employees living outside of Istanbul, have the same quality training as your employees in Istanbul.