Our Open Group Trainings

As much as it may not always be possible for companies to provide training to multiple people at the same time, it may also be important in terms of educational efficiency for participants to go outside the office to a training center that is close to their home. If you think that a change of scenery may do you good and would like to train your employees somewhere other than the office environment, you could consider one of our programs at British Side Beşiktaş, Kalamış and Göktürk, where you and your employee’s expecations would be met.

At British Side, open group trainings are organized around an academic calendar with the start and end dates of all courses being set at the beginning of the academic year, making it easy for you to plan for your group. The trainings are planned as 9-week periods in our centres and we have different program alternatives where participants can choose according to their preferences or different time options such as weekday daytime, weekday evening and weekends.

In order for your participants to be able to receive training in our open groups, they need to communicate with us on the announced dates, take a placement test and enroll in the most appropriate course program for them.

We are able to offer discounts based on the number of participants each term in our open group trainings, which are open to our corporate companies.

At the end of each 9-week course period, attendance reports are sent along with the progress of your participants as well as completion notes to your Human Resources department, and approval is given for registering for the next level. While our assessment reports indicate the progress they have shown throughout the module and the areas they should show more attention, it also gives our Human Resources departments the opportunity to track and report on the progress of the participants. We expect a 70% participation rate for our open group trainings.

For detailed information and a proposal request, please e-mail [email protected] or contact us via 0212 327 27 01.