YLE Summer English School

Yaz Okulu
YLE Summer English School

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9:30-10:25Intensive English Lessons
10:35-11:30Intensive English Lessons
11:40-12:30Intensive English Lessons
12:30-1:30Lunch  (at British Side)
1:30-4:30Activities (Film Club, Handcraft Works, Table Games, Drama, Story Telling, Game Shows, Scientific Experiments, Cookery, Arts and Sports Activities, Museum Visits, Swimming, Friday all-day trip programmes)


Intensive English Lessons

British Side team is preparing a fun and learning-focused environment for students. Students are encouraged to use their existing English language skills while learning new ones in an exciting and communicative atmosphere. The lessons include various different activities and aim to improve the main language skills, such as reading, writing, listening and speaking. The students are always at the centre of the activities and they are encuraged to use what they are learning.

What we expect from the students at all age groups and levels:

  • to enjoy the lessons by using their imagination and creativitiy,
  • to achieve clearer communication in English through improving their English perception skills,
  • to reach their full potentials by improving their independent learning skills.

In order to help students reach these goals we encourage them and improve their motivation through the use of various materials, techniques and in-class activities. Following methods are used for this purpose:

  • Various interaction models,
  • Games, drama, songs,
  • Projects and activities for the movies they watch.



Our summer schools are 4-week programmes with a different, interesting theme each week.

The themes set for next summer are as follows:

1st week:         Astronomy

2nd week:        History

3rd week:        People

4th week:         Incredible World


Course Duration and Certificates

There will be two separate 4-week courses during the summer. Contents of both courses will be the same.

Our teachers will prepare detailed weekly reports explaining how the students performed and what they achieved during the week. Students who complete the 4-week course will receive an attendance certificate stating that they successfully completed the English Summer School. Certificates will be given during the last lesson.



Afternoon activities will include film club, handcraft works, table games, drama, story telling, game shows, scientific experiments, cookery, arts and sports activities and Friday all-day trip programmes.